Project Description

This project aims to continue to deepen the two most important phytosanitary problems of mango cultivation in Andalusia, apical necrosis and malformation, through a comprehensive study that aims primarily to provide practical solutions for the control and prevention of these diseases, which are potentially transferable to productive sectors. In addition, it aims to advance knowledge of basic aspects of the biology of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae (Pss), causal agent of the apical necrosis. In particular we will focus on the following specific objectives: 1. To advance the understanding of the etiology, epidemiology and control of apical necrosis of mango; and the biology, ecology and virulence of Pss. 1.1. Etiology and crop factors related to the new and more aggressive symptoms of NAM. Adjust the control measures available. 1.2. Genomic and functional approaches to characterize the biology, ecology and virulence of Pss strains associated with NAM approaches. 2. Deepen the etiology, epidemiology and control of mango malformation caused by Fusarium species in the Andalusian coast.

Project Details

  • P12-AGR-1473